End of School

thank goodness school os almost over and I can’t wait for summer. Except that I have gym all the time. Maybe it will be fun since im learning new moves. All i have is three more days of school and seventh grade is over. yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways wanted to wish everyone a great summer break and be ready for an amazing year in eighth grade. bye and see you next year! love ya!


                                                                                                                                                 taylor randolph

How I can Change the World

 If I could change the world; that’s a very hard question to answer. There are many answers that I could give you that might not be how I feel, but I think that they would make everyone else happy. The one that I would like to tell you that means a lot to me. Ever since I was a little girl, I was inlove with animals. My favorite place is still the zoo. Animlas to me are so beuatiful and majestic. No one really understands them. I guess I feel that I can sort of relate.

  The first thing I would do to help these animals would make sure there was no poaching. At every reserve there would have to be so many guards and they would have to watch the fences so no poachers could get in and hunt. Also before anyone came onto the reserve would have to have their car checked for any weapons.  Hopefully that would stop and or prevent poaching in our beloved savannahs.

   Another really bad problem that kills me is the killing of whales. I so agree with the people who go out and try and stop the Japanese people who have a huge market for these whales. I would have hundreds of boats go out and try save these amazing creatures. Their existince is almost not; it’s so sad because I really want my children and theitr children to be able to go on a whale watching trip.

The third and that I would do, and maybe the most important thing is that I stop pollution in our world. This one thing affects all of us. Humans and animals, and even plants. Recycle would be a must. Litter would not tollarated in my world. People who do so would have a $500 fine, and if they didn’t pay it, they would be in jail for a minimum of 90 days. Also we would have a time limit on all showers so that they would cut off after like 20 minutes. We would have that system on all of our water and heating systems. I know tha that sounds crazy, but I think that that would ahve to be done for people to take this seriously.

   Lastly I would stop the tearing down of the rainforests and habitats. Rainforests used to cover 75% of asia. Hundreds of animals are killed every day; These selfish businnesses come in and destroy everything that these hard working animals have built for their FAMILY. I would would make it to were these businnesses would have to use the land that they have already destroyed and no more could be taken. Also if they did, not only would their business not be a bussines, they would have to tear everything of their bussiness down and make a nice friendly habitat for animals.

   In conclusion, if I could change the world I would help save our wildlife and enviroment. People may not see it important, but others do. Like me, they want to stop theses idiots who are destroying life as we speak. And quite frankly, that is not ok. I have made my mission to help save these helpless creatures. Please follow me in this; you too could help save them.

My Myth…..

   Once upon a time, there lived a great fairytale like kingdom. It was called Jensavattay. This majical land was home to a king, a queen, and two princesses. They were all gods. By gods I mean that they had control over certain things. For instance, Mattimus (king) controled technology and agriculture. Jenniveve (queen) had control over education, teaching, and motherhood. Next Savire (princess) also had control over the trickery and bad. Lastly Taymelia was the controler of arts which went into categories of music and paintings. The family lived in harmony for many years before Savire turned ten. That day was the start of something horrible. Later on Savire became very greedy and wanted Mattimus to herself. She wanted him because she wanted the throne when he died. The thrown was supposed to go to Taymelia becuase she is the eldest, and the most responsible. Savire’s plan didn’t work; she often was punished for being rude to the rest of her family. If one thing didn’t go her way it was not going to be a pleasant night. As a result of that she was failing her school. Her reasoning behind it was ” Well I don’t like my teacher, so I don’t want to her work. ” or something like ” I forgot my book, or well she didn’t give me homework tonight.” You couldn’t always tell when she was lieing becuase she is the goddess of trickery and bad. But sometimes you could because the tone of her voice would change. Part of what she controled was bad which meant that she was very good at stealing. Many times when I was gone for training, she would sneak into my chamber and steal my clothing.She even had the nerve to put it on and wear to school and other places. Most of the time I knew it was mine, and I told my mother, Jenniveve  about it. My mother then told my father, Mattimus. Once Mattimus found out, he scolded her for stealing. This went on for years. One day it finally stopped. The day that the high council decided who would get the throne. How they decided, well they looked back on what youi have done in the recent years, and how responsible you are, and most, what the people think of you and if they want you to be their ruler. First they asked your teachers how well you do in class, they ask your trainers how well you do in that, and they ask the people who they want to be their ruler.They gave the winner 5 points, the next highest is 3 points and the next 1 point, and the loser 0 points. The first event was the teacher; Mrs. Dramein, Taymelia’s teacher told the council that she was the best in her class and is a hard worker. Next came Mrs. Foldinhime, Savire’s teacher. She told the council that Savire didn’t do well, her grades were astonishingly low, and she was very lazy when it came to homework. Of course they ruled that Taymelia had won that round givivng her 5 points. After that came the training. Mr. Shamerine, Taymelia’s trainer said that she works hard to get something that she doesn’t get first hand. Other stuff just come naturally. Then Mr.Lisk told the high council that Savire was a hard worker when it came to something she enjoyed, but when it got “boring” she didn’t work at all. They high council deicided to give Taymelia 3 points, and give Savire 1 point. They last event was who do the people want. They had everybody come and take a vote. After the votes were in, they tallied up the scores. The winner of the throne goes to…………. TAYMELIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The crowd went wild for they had a new queen. Taymelia was so honored that she began to cry. She told the people that she would not let them down. Savire stormed off in a rage. The lesson in this story is if you treat people badly just to get what you want, chances are they won’t want to do anything for you later. Later that evening Savire ranaway and was never seen again.

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Hej mitt namn är Taylor Randolph. Jag är tretton år och bor med min mamma styvfar, och styvsyster. Jag bor i Huntsville, Alabama. Jag går till Whitesburg Middle School och jag är i sjunde klass. Jag är också en hängiven gymnast. Jag är nivå 8 och 6 dagar i veckan 3 timmar per dag. Jag har inget socialt liv. Jag trivs i skolan och älskar att vara med vänner. Jag är en riktig Southern Belle och min favoritmat är kyckling (stekt). Iaf finns det några värdelösa fakta om mig. Jag hoppas att du gillar min blogg.
  P.S gärna kommentera några av mina inlägg. Min blogg ser patetiskt eftersom jag har gillar trettio kommentarer medan mina vänner har ca 300.

                                                                    Med vänliga hälsningar,
                                                                                   Taylor Randolph

Digital Footprint

Well I looked myself up on google, I found my blog and my gymnastics center. It is actually kinda scary becuase anybody could look that up and find all the info they needed. They could stalk me or something. Of courses they would have to look into me because there was nothing about my personal info or anything. That made me fell better. Anyway don’t look me up or stalk me because I will be freake out.

Duke TIP

Did anyone get who took the Duke TIP progam get a letter in the mail. Well it said that you child did really well on the ACT so we want to invite  you to come to a college and take some college classes.  My mom wants me to do it because she said that it would open so many doors for me getting a college scholarship. I might do it if they have some courses that I would be interested in. The only downside is is that it cost 4000 dollars. Also I might not want to go because I don’t want to room with some crazy genious or something. But it’s still early so I have time to decide. If anyone got the letter you need to go so I won’t be alone.

My birthday is soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey everyone my birthday is coming up soon. it is on thursday. yeah. i will finalyy be thirteen like most everyone else. Anyway, the only downside of my birthday this year is that it is duting school. My past birthdays have always fallen during spring break, but now that the board of education changed it I have to go to school on my birthday. Anyways wish me a happy birthday. 

Bonus Points!

What does the golden apple that Aphrodite held mean?

Well Zues held a banquet, and a goddess named Eris was not invited. She was so outraged she trew a golden apple into the ceremony. It had ” to the fairest ” inscripted on it. Three goddesses claimed the apple, Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite. Zues remembered that Paris of Troy was judging a bull-judging contest. Therefor Zues sent Ares togive the apple to Paris. Paris would decide who was the “fairest”. Each goddess tried to bribe him to give them the apple. Hera offered to make him a famous, powerful king. Athena offered to make him wiser than some of the gods. And last came Aphrodite who offered to give him the most beautiful woman in the world. He choses Aphrodite. This decision started the war. Helen ( most beautiful woman ) was married to Paris’s brother. One night Helen’s husband was called Agamemnon. So Paris and Helen were left alone. Later that night Helen sailed off with Paris to Troy. This started the Trojan War.